How to Structure Your Blog Post

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  • February 3, 2013 10:16 pm

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Are you unsure on how to structure your blog post or article?  Are you suffering from writer’s block or feel uncertain as to how to capture your target audiences’ attention and keep them coming back to your site?    Below are a few helpful ways to unlock the block and structure your blog post.

First, have a lead paragraph or statement that entices the reader to continue reading.  Second, include a relevant image; a picture is worth a thousand words…correct?  A third element (if at all possible) is to include personal experience and/or expertise on the subject.  State what you know and how you know it, don’t hold back and speak you mind if you are passionate about the subject.  The fourth element is your main body. The previous three elements to this point are a introduction, in the main body the goal should be to provide the main content of your blog post in a “scannable” or “tweetable” format.  I often use bullets and/or numbered lists in my main body of a blog post.  The fifth and final element I use when structuring my blog post is a “discussion question”, my goal is to start a conversation not create a monologue.

In addition to the five elements mentioned above I also try and follow a few simple rules.  They are as follows:

  • Keep the post Short – Use short paragraphs and short sentences.  In today’s fast paced, connected world most people will only scan your post spending less than one minute on your site
  • Always Use Simple Words – Nobody wants to read industry and/or tech jargon.  In essence, try to speak to a wide audience.
  • Provide Internal Links – You can’t say everything in one post, a link to your other post(s) that compliments or adds to the post will provide an increase in page views and session times.

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